How Do You Own Your Goodness?

You may be wondering what “owning your goodness” is all about. Well, for me, it’s been quite a journey of self-discovery and self-love that I’m still on everyday. It’s the practice of loving yourself no matter what, under all circumstances. It’s seeing yourself through your most cherished loved ones’ eyes. It’s feeling confident in your incredible and innate strengths that make you the amazing person you truly are. It’s honoring your past, present and future dreams because you know how awesome you are. And it’s not feeling bad about knowing how awesome you are. It’s owning that awesomeness and letting your true self shine and sparkle in your strengths so that you can thrive.

For some of us, this isn’t an easy journey to begin. I know it hasn’t been for me. Self-doubt and constant worry were my constant companions and still visit me today. But what owning your goodness is all about is learning to understand and maybe even welcome all these feelings and discover your natural born strengths so that you can really truly believe in yourself and your awesomeness. I believe everyone is amazing in their own unique way, if only we could see ourselves through the eyes of our loved ones who honor our goodness and love us unconditionally.

I’m here to help you get there, to see your amazing strengths and own your goodness!


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