Mindful for the Memories

I think I’ve always been the nostalgic kind of person who was totally excited to be the historian of the honor society club in high school, the unofficial family photographer of close friends, the keepsake-scrapbook-trip journaler type. I love making memories. And now it’s even easier to “think back” and “remember when” with technology and social media reminding us everyday of what we were up to–or at least what we posted about–a year or two or eight years ago. (Yes, social media, as we know it, has been around for more than a decade now! Hard to believe and remember our lives without it sometimes, huh?)

And as I’m completing more than half a year as a mother--my baby girl will be 7 months old tomorrow already–I’m struck with an even greater nostalgia. She does something new and adorable and endearing and funny and memorable everyday. EVERYDAY. How am I to record all of these wonderful memories?! It’s almost overwhelming, of course in a good way, to keep track of each beautiful moment, kind of like grabbing at sand made of diamonds as the tide of time takes each brilliant moment and archives it in the past.

I had a somewhat similar feeling when my husband and I got married almost 4 years ago (our anniversary is next week!) and we planned everything in under 6 weeks. There was a lot of adrenaline and many, many details to prepare but I wanted to remember every beautiful moment back then too. And at that point in my life, time moved slower. Now as a new momma, time flies by at the most incredible speed. I sometimes think “slow down” but then I also LOVE seeing how much my baby girl has grown and learned in such a quick period of time. And I’m excited and thrilled to get to watch her continue to grow and learn more and more. I know this excitement will continue for the rest of my life.

So what’s a momma (or daddy or auntie or uncle) to do? 


Stop, pause, take a few deep belly breaths, and savor it all with mindfulness. Mindfulness is the ultimate elixir for nostalgia. It slows us down at least enough to really enjoy the present moment we’re living and with that reduction in the normally chaotic speed of the world, we get to sit back and savor the beautiful gifts we’ve been given in this life. Whether it be the privilege of watching children of our own or nieces and nephews grow, or our wonderful pets, or going on that incredible trip we’ve been longing to take, climbing that huge mountain finally, or meeting that awesome goal, an unbelievable dream reached, we will surely enjoy reliving all the memories if we stop and really notice how we’re feeling, what colors we’re seeing, what scents we’re breathing in, what sounds we’re hearing. Really taking in the moment helps us savor it so much more right then and there and later on when we want to look back and remember the incredible things we’ve done or witnessed.

I remember stopping to notice an adorable momma duck and her ducklings swimming by right before our wedding ceremony began. It may have seemed like a distraction to some but it was actually one of my ways of taking it all in and really noticing that beautiful moment. And I’m so glad I did.

Photo by Aaron Lawrence

So as I contemplate where the time has gone these last 7 months since our daughter was born, I really want to remember to be mindful, mindful of my nostalgia even as I look back at my favorite moments and memories with my daughter so far, and mindful of the moments I’m living right now. There’s really no way to turn back the clock to relish a little longer in the little and big things that I love about becoming a mom but I can take the time to relish right now in this incredible moment of my baby turning 7 months old and stay present in as many moments as possible from here on out. It’s not always easy when you have poop on you or you’re sleep deprived, but I know for a fact that I won’t regret choosing mindfulness when it comes to living the rest of my life.

Would you like to live your life more mindfully? 

If you’d like support in living a more mindful life or in reaching your goals, I’m here for you. You can learn more about my life coaching and creative wellness services here.


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