What’s Your Passion Project?

*I originally wrote this blog post 3 years ago, on May 20, 2014 on my sister site–the blog I created to document about my journey to creative wellness, Meditations From My Ecua-Gringa Life. And Owning Your Goodness is the fruit of my first passion project!


Today I had a wonderful conversation over lunch with my dear friend, Susan, and among many inspiring topics, we talked about the term, “passion project” that I’ve heard several times recently. I think I first read this term in Oprah’s magazine, which I collected several months worth for my recent collage sessions. There was an article about Drew Barrymore and how her passion project was finding hearts in nature and photographing them. She then made them into a book. And just yesterday, Facebook advertised a new animated film coming out based on the very famous book, The Prophet. When I read about it further, I discovered that this movie was the passion project of Salma Hayek.

I feel really inspired by this new term and also inspired that famous people, like Drew and Salma are giving back through their inspiring art and passion.

Susan and I thought it would be neat to ask people we first meet, instead of the common “what do you do?” question, what their passion project is. I’m curious what we’d find out. I mean, I just heard this term but I’ve been intrigued by it and have started to think about how I’d answer that question too.

I think ever since my participation in the Fun-A-Day project in January, or since I began to write weekly blogs last August, I have been developing my passion project. And learning to own my gift or dependable strength of creativity through my Dependable Strengths training in October acted like a propeller for me! I think there is a creative or reflective process, at least for me, of naming my project, and now that I look back, I can see how it’s grown and gotten more defined through my experiences.

Really, when I look back, I began this journey way back. Recently I was looking back on the time when I had a volunteer internship in Quito, Ecuador and I worked with young children who were working to help support their families. I remember teaching workshops to help boost their self-esteem, and I still have a picture of the posters the children made on “Que significa la felicidad?” or “What does happiness mean?” This work was very meaningful for me, and still is. After offering a collage workshop nearly two weeks ago and an introduction to Dependable Strengths workshop last week, I have heard very inspiring feedback, which leads me to believe that this work is also helping lift individuals’ self-esteem, and that fills me with happiness.

That means I’m meeting my number 1 goal of helping lift people up and helping them feel better, even if just for a little bit. A little bit here, a little bit there starts to add up. That is how I started really studying stress management and wellness. And at a certain point, I decided to fully dive into this work and learn all I can. Now I’m beginning to see the budding fruits of my labor–or studies, and my creative energy bursts are growing in frequency.

I can’t wait to see what comes next!

So you’re probably asking: what exactly is my passion project then? All this talk and I haven’t named it quite yet. And I’m learning, through the power of daily affirmations, that naming what you want in life is key.

So here goes–back in February I think, I was brainstorming creative ideas with my bestie, Andrea while at the Korean women’s spa–a great place for inspiration! And the idea of offering a series of creative stress management techniques emerged.

I love being creative and I also find it extremely helpful in managing daily stresses, and I enjoy researching wellness and stress management topics, so this felt right to me.

My first official workshop in early May at Edmonds Community College was entitled “Creative Stress Management Through Collage Art.” I decided to name it with my passion project idea in mind, and it became much more than a passing collage session I offered on a professional development day at work. It became the first part of my Creative Stress Management workshop series. 🙂

So my suggestion to anyone thinking about their passion project: get started! Do one small–or big–thing towards your dream. Don’t wait for the perfect time or place. Just begin. If anything, you’ll learn a lot from trying something out. And you may get further inspiration for the next step.

2017 Update: I hosted a 2-hour class in May 2016 entitled Creative Stress Management and saw my initial passion project come to life! The best part about passion projects is that they can grow and grow into so much more than originally dreamed of. Becoming a transformational life coach in 2015 and starting my own coaching and wellness education business this last year has been a big dream come to fruition and I’m so grateful that you’re on this journey with me, reading this blog right now.

What’s your passion project? Do you need help uncovering it or getting started?

I’m here to help. Contact me anytime here. And stay tuned for details coming soon on my transformational life coaching package.


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