Even Superwoman Takes Breaks

Here is a piece I wrote 3 years ago for my sister site, Meditations From My Ecua-Gringa Life, on the importance of taking breaks, AND not feeling guilty about it. It’s an important topic that I need to remember.

I think a really important lesson in life for me is learning to take time to recharge and refresh without feeling guilty. Learning to put myself above work needs or others’ needs is a real challenge for me but it is also so important to learn.

I used to work with a smoker who would escape every few hours for a smoke break and I remember having an epiphany one day to take non-smoking breaks–quick breaks outside to breathe in the fresh air or take a few moments to stretch and refresh myself.

In my next workplace, there weren’t many smokers so the reminder to take my non-smoking breaks wasn’t quite as apparent. But my body reminded me. My restless, creatively energetic spirit continues to remind me, if I remember to tune into my own channel and listen within.

It’s like what I practiced in my art journaling class with Brene Brown–permission slips. Giving myself permission to rest. To take breaks. (I’m writing this on my phone and the autocorrect keeps changing “breaks” to “breaths” which is very insightful for a smart phone, don’t you think?)

I bet even Superwoman takes breaks!

There are little ways to take breaks throughout the day too. I just stirred my coffee and then saw a pretty swirling design in the reflection of the coffee. It’s the moments of mindfulness throughout our days that make life more beautiful. Life is always beautiful, it’s always waiting for us to notice its immense beauty in the seemingly simple things. Well, I don’t think life is waiting but our souls are waiting for us to notice all the beauty around us.

Like one rainy morning, a bit dark still when I left for work, and yet I saw a beautiful reflection on the wet road that the red stoplights made. It’s how we look at everyday things. How we choose to see them. How we change our focus and give ourselves permission to take the time to enjoy our surroundings and gaze at the beauty before us. That is what helps rejuvenate my soul.

What helps you feel rejuvenated? Do you give yourself permission to take breaks?

I’m here to help you take positive steps to feel more rejuvenated if you’d like to chat.

Love always,



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