Holiday Grounding Through Creative Gratitude

This winter solstice I’ve decided to celebrate the increasingly longer days with creative gratitude. The holidays can feel very hectic and rushed at times and that’s when we need to feel grounded most. If not, the stress can get to us and bring our spirit and mood and immune system down.

How do I prefer to get grounded? If it were warm out, I love walking barefoot on the sand or grass, but with it being very frosty out lately, I choose to create art instead. Being creative and expressing ourselves helps us return to the present moment we’re living right now and let go of worries or concerns or to-do lists for a little bit while we dive into a creative project or canvas.

One of my favorite ways to create art is through collaging. I love the freedom of ripping and tearing inspiring images and words out of magazines or junk mail and making something beautiful and unique from it. I also love that it’s a green, eco-friendly art form, using old or unwanted magazines and other printed material in a new and artistic way.

This evening I’m hosting my first online class to demonstrate just this–how to feel more grounded this holiday season by creating gratitude art. We’ll be focusing our collage on what we’re grateful for from this past year. I find reflection around this time of year so helpful and grounding as well so what better way to celebrate the increasing light coming with this solstice than by reflecting on what we’re grateful for.

If you’d like to join me live, follow this link to the Facebook event where I’ll be broadcasting my free class this evening at 5:30pm PST. Looking forward to feeling more grounded and creative with you!

Happiest of holidays,



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