Several years ago, I decided to reignite a creative outlet I had enjoyed as a child and had been planning to continue for a long time as an adult: collage. Many of us abandoned this activity as children but what we might not realize is that collaging is an excellent way for adults to de-stress and express their creativity while also working on a visual representation of goals and dreams they’d like to work towards.

I love how collaging has no rules. It’s very freeing to say “you’re the boss” and “you can do it how ever you want.” A lot of the time we have to follow instructions or rules, but not with collaging. You have lots of choices and perfectionism is not possible, because the very nature of creating a collage is ripping and tearing and piecing things together.

Collaging has helped me explore other outlets for creativity as well, because it’s empowered me to try new things and not be afraid to mess up. Because “messing up” is part of the fun of collaging!

I continue to create by teaching others and making small collages in a notebook to focus positive energy on a particular project or event coming up.

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Collage classes I’ve taught include Creative Stress Management through Collage, Vision Boarding, the Reflection Collage Experience, and the Intention Collage Experience. Read more on the Owning Your Goodness Facebook page