The Importance of Mindfulness – Especially on a Rainy Day

How we turned a previously described “dreary” day into a more “cheery”--or at least more mindful day... This morning when I got up, my energy was pretty low and when I looked at the window, there was the infamous Seattle area drizzle happening. It didn't feel very inspiring. But staying inside isn't always the answer. … Continue reading The Importance of Mindfulness – Especially on a Rainy Day


Why I Collage: A Reflection

Almost 4 years ago I started collaging again, after not having done so since I was a kid. I started with a vision board collage and didn't even have a glue stick. I just sat on the couch while my husband and I were watching TV and plowed through countless magazines I was wanting to … Continue reading Why I Collage: A Reflection

What is Coaching?

You may be asking what coaching is all about. I discovered the meaning and benefit of life coaching after embarking on a personal development and stress management quest/independent study to find ways to feel less anxious and more joyful more of the time. I was working in an extremely stressful environment–high pressure, fast-paced, many impatient … Continue reading What is Coaching?