3 Ways Gratitude Can Cultivate More Mindfulness in Our Lives

On my journey to greater well-being, creativity and mindfulness, I started out by recording what I was grateful for on a daily basis, thanks to the inspiration of Oprah Winfrey who talked a lot about the importance of having a gratitude practice. It helped me feel more positive and I began to feel a little … Continue reading 3 Ways Gratitude Can Cultivate More Mindfulness in Our Lives


Even Superwoman Takes Breaks

Here is a piece I wrote 3 years ago for my sister site, Meditations From My Ecua-Gringa Life, on the importance of taking breaks, AND not feeling guilty about it. It's an important topic that I need to remember. I think a really important lesson in life for me is learning to take time to … Continue reading Even Superwoman Takes Breaks

What’s Your Passion Project?

*I originally wrote this blog post 3 years ago, on May 20, 2014 on my sister site--the blog I created to document about my journey to creative wellness, Meditations From My Ecua-Gringa Life. And Owning Your Goodness is the fruit of my first passion project! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Today I had a wonderful conversation over lunch with … Continue reading What’s Your Passion Project?