3 Ways Gratitude Can Cultivate More Mindfulness in Our Lives

On my journey to greater well-being, creativity and mindfulness, I started out by recording what I was grateful for on a daily basis, thanks to the inspiration of Oprah Winfrey who talked a lot about the importance of having a gratitude practice. It helped me feel more positive and I began to feel a little … Continue reading 3 Ways Gratitude Can Cultivate More Mindfulness in Our Lives


My Life Before and After Mindfulness

Before I learned about mindfulness and conscious awareness of my thoughts, feelings, actions, and the world around me, I viewed myself and the world differently. Anxious feelings meant something was wrong with me and mean people were just mean. But as I learned to be more mindful, through LOTS of practice--and I still practice and … Continue reading My Life Before and After Mindfulness

Embracing My Sentimentalism

In true Brene Brown style, I looked up the definition of sentimentalism and Google said it means excessive tenderness, sadness or nostalgia. And you know what, I think I'm okay with that because if I'm going to be excessive about anything, I think tenderness is right up there with excessive fruit and vegetable eating. 🙂 … Continue reading Embracing My Sentimentalism

Mindful for the Memories

I think I've always been the nostalgic kind of person who was totally excited to be the historian of the honor society club in high school, the unofficial family photographer of close friends, the keepsake-scrapbook-trip journaler type. I love making memories. And now it's even easier to “think back” and “remember when” with technology and … Continue reading Mindful for the Memories

The Importance of Mindfulness – Especially on a Rainy Day

How we turned a previously described “dreary” day into a more “cheery”--or at least more mindful day... This morning when I got up, my energy was pretty low and when I looked at the window, there was the infamous Seattle area drizzle happening. It didn't feel very inspiring. But staying inside isn't always the answer. … Continue reading The Importance of Mindfulness – Especially on a Rainy Day