To get a better feel for the services I provide, you can read reviews from past participants below:


“If you have the chance to take a workshop or do personal sessions with Maret Carrillo, please bless yourself with the opportunity to do it!  Her natural gifts of listening deeply and communicating clearly and with empathy just keep blossoming and blossoming.  Time spent with Maret is a gift to be cherished.”

~Susan Henderson


“Her calm voice and gentle instructions created a safe space for us to allow ourselves time to close our eyes, detach from our stressors and be present in the moment.”

~Tara Wainwright


“I was able to identify what is working well in my daily life and what I need to be more mindful of.”

~Annie Thoen


“Maret’s tone was calming as she explained to the group that the collage period was one of relaxation and reflection.”

~Julie Palomino